Fat Murderer/Rapist Whines That Lethal Injection Might Hurt


Basically, this fat sorry excuse for a human on death row and his attorneys say that his weight could diminish the effect of the first lethal injection and cause the process to be painful. All I can say is: WAAAAAHHHHH!!! I’m sure the two college girls you raped and murdered went through quite a bit of pain themselves.

The last time he was supposed to be executed (at which time a judge granted him a last-minute reprieve), a nurse documented that she had a hard time finding a vein for the injection. I guess that’s because: 1) he’s too fat, and 2) he supposedly has “sparse” veins. At that point, they should have just chopped off his head. Here’s an idea, Ohio: authorize some alternative execution methods so that when your death row inmates whine that they’re too fat for a lethal injection, you can say, “Oh, dang! I guess we’ll just have to tie you to that post over there and let Tom, Dick, Harry, John, and Smitty riddle your body with bullets. Gosh, I was really hoping to give you the lethal injection, though, cause I know how much you hate needles!”

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One Comment on “Fat Murderer/Rapist Whines That Lethal Injection Might Hurt”

  1. serdafied Says:

    Welcome Sir!

    Now down to business. I also hate needles and would rather be shot once in the head. In a related story fat people piss me off!!! add a link to the SERDAFIED©

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