Interesting fact…

Since the beginning of this month, radical Muslims have killed at least 104 people and injured 163 people across 10 countries. When will countries stop worrying about offending their querulous populations and finally address the danger that this radical ideology poses to the entire world? The world’s political correctness towards Islam will be its undoing.

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4 Comments on “Interesting fact…”

  1. serdafied Says:

    I feel the same way about cheese!

    and Selma Hayek not having my love child!

    and Extremists of all sorts!!

  2. yo I didn’t read this but I thought you might find it funny that on satelite radio this black bitch gets on the phone and leaves a message fro this black comedian and says….

    I jus waanna tank u fo brign the lite to obama. an showin da people dat it not abut color or race. but ta facts that tey stand fo, an what tey brign to da table. tank u again then why do you support him? made me thin of you

  3. mcmeador Says:

    Right, the facts that he stands for. I mean fact…singular…no “s.” And that fact is “change.” Terrific! Very specific! So should I expect 27 cents or a fresh set of clothes?

  4. serdafied Says:

    I think Obama stands for change, and change can only mean one thing….he’s going to cut D.C. out from the continental U.S. and make it a filling station for boats coming across the pond. Then take the American flag and change the colors to black green and yellow and the stars to a big x and appoint only Hatians to the cabinet!

    Thats fuckin CHANGE brutha!

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