Just the kind of ridiculous political correctness I was talking about…

So as I was posting the previous blog last night, I was trying to think of some examples of the political correctness I was referring to in regards to Islam. Then I found this story this morning:


If you don’t feel like reading the article, the Tyson Foods plant in Shelbyville, TN, has dropped the Labor Day holiday and replaced it with Eid al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan. Apparently this was prompted by the feeling that it was necessary to be fair to the approximately 250 Somali workers at the plant. Great. At least they haven’t taken away Christmas…yet.

Another such example would be the foot baths that are being installed for Muslim taxi drivers at the Indianapolis Airport:


These are provided so that the Muslims can perform the necessary rituals before their five daily prayers. Where’s the “Time Out for Jesus” room? I can’t wait to see what happens when non-Muslims start using the foot baths for random purposes. I just hope the Muslims throw a fit, the airport does something to discourage non-Muslims from using them, and then the airport gets hit with discrimination lawsuits. Or maybe some Muslim will see a non-Muslim using it and kill him…just like some other Muslims kill their children or other family members when they feel they have become tainted by Western culture. (But shhhhh, we’re not supposed to talk about that. It could offend Muslims.) And now because I said something that can be construed to be an attack on Islam, extremists will say that I should be killed for my intolerance. Fancy that. Nothing like killing someone for saying something you didn’t like to show a good old dose of tolerance.

Oh, and these foot baths were also installed in the Kansas City International Airport:


It’s amazing what ends we’ll go to to appease people of other religions, cultures, or races, when they just apply the right amount of pressure in the “discrimination” spot. Even worse is the ends we’ll go to out of fear that someone might hit that spot. After all, no one wants to hear Joe Rogan declare, “Right in the button!” anymore than they have to, so a preemptive appeasement only makes sense, right? Wait…no… But anywho, how do they return the favor? As you’ll read at the end of the article in the previous link, Muslim cab drivers at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport began refusing to carry passengers with alcoholic beverages or seeing-eye dogs because alcohol is forbidden in Islam and dogs are viewed as unclean. Oh, it’s no problem! We’re just glad we can accommodate you!

Speaking of Muslims viewing dogs as unclean, there was an interesting story out of Scotland just a month ago…


To sum it up, the Tayside police sent out this potcard to residents:

The puppy in the picture is the new police-dog-in-training. But Muslims there decided it was an affront to their religion and complained that pictures of the ritually unclean puppy are not welcome among them. How could the police have been so inconsiderate?!? It’s mind-blowing!

I haven’t seen any kind of follow-up to this story, so I don’t know what has come of this issue. I can only hope the Tayside police circulated this postcard as a response:

I could go on…but haven’t I done so for too long already? You get the point.

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2 Comments on “Just the kind of ridiculous political correctness I was talking about…”

  1. serdafied Says:

    yes u have done so for too long already? About 4 years by my count lol maybe if we create our own crazy extreme religion we can start getting shit we want too! doubt it though cause first time we kill some one for it we’ll be in jail or dead.

  2. hefebear Says:

    I agree with you. It seems the only religious group who does NOT get the favor of political correctness or tolerance is Christianity.

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