Brave Girl Takes a Stand Against Discrimination *gag*

Like the most horrible thing happened the other day! Like this girl like you know her name was Kymberly Clem…yeah and she like went to the mall wearing a really short dress and like got asked to leave and stuff because it was just too hot for the mall!!! Like oh my God!

Oh, sorry…I got caught up in the “dumb tramp” factor of this news story. So Miss Clem (if she even deserves such a respectful prefix) went to a mall in Kentucky wearing a short tight dress with the apparent purpose of showing her stuff off. Before long she was asked to leave by a security guard who had received complaints about her outfit. Now she’s hired a defense attorney to discuss her legal options against the mall. To make it even better, Clem (yeah, I decided to go ahead and drop the prefix) had this to say about her “noble” pursuit:

“I want to speak for everybody else who has been discriminated against but has never said anything.”

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How thoughtful of you! I’m sure you would make the pre-Civil Rights era black people and Jews who were tortured and executed by Nazis proud. You are just the kind of person they needed around back then.

Oh, and here’s a picture of her:


I thought taking a stand against discrimination is about saying, “This is who I am, and you will respect me for it.” But I’ve just never really considered people who hide their faces behind 15 layers of make-up to be happy with who they are. Oh well…at least we win knowing that she probably hates herself deep down inside.

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One Comment on “Brave Girl Takes a Stand Against Discrimination *gag*”

  1. serdafied Says:

    Fucking whores!!! I hate Cake faces!

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