Avril Lavigne: “Too Sexy” For Muslims!

The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party a.k.a. Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) is attempting to have Avril Lavigne’s tour stop in Kuala Lumpur canceled because they feel her performances are “too sexy.”

A quote from the Fox News article:

“It is considered too sexy for us. … It’s not good for viewers in Malaysia,” said Kamarulzaman Mohamed, a party official. “We don’t want our people, our teenagers, influenced by their performance. We want clean artists, artists that are good role models.”

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Another policy that the PAS supports to reduce negative influences on the Malaysian people is the death penalty for apostasy, in this context meaning the renouncement of Islam. So all you Malaysians keep in mind that PAS cares about you! They don’t want you being corrupted by sex, drugs, and rock and roll. And remember to embrace these Islamic principles, or they’ll KILL YOU!!! Assalamu ‘Alaikum (Peace be upon you). Or not…

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2 Comments on “Avril Lavigne: “Too Sexy” For Muslims!”

  1. mistahjay Says:

    I’m not sure whose side I’m on with this. I mean, “too sexy” or “too shitty music,” I think they’re just avoiding the real problem with an insincere compliment.

  2. serdafied Says:

    I thought I posted this earlier today but obviously it didn’t make it through the feckin’ tubes!

    Anyway Avril Lavigne is VERY attractive to me but i wouldn’t say sexy cause she just stands there more or less without moving and then sings some pretty shit music to really keep you down on the 6 o’clock.

    Now if it were a true sexy lady like Salma Hayek or Shakira (Latin booty = Beauty) then I could understand, cause the tits on Hayek and the stomach and moves of Shakira could make the Palestinians become civil just for a TASTE!!!!

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