Movie Extras Find Excuse to Sue

Extras playing Nazis in Valkyrie, a movie about the failed plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler, are suing United Artists for $11 million after falling out of a truck during filming. The extras were seated in the back of the truck leaning against a fold-down side-rail when the rail gave out and they fell to the ground as the truck was rounding a corner. Their reasoning for suing according to their lawyer, Ariane Bluttner:

“The studio knew the trucks were rickety,” Bluttner told SPIEGEL ONLINE. “There had even been an internal memo about the railings.”

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I’m wondering how they know there was an internal memo. Was this a memo that the extras received? If it was, then how do they have any basis to sue?

Nevertheless, here’s my advice to the extras: Next time you are in a WORLD WAR II-era vehicle, assume that it is “rickety.” I know you’re “actors” so your common sense doesn’t take you very far, but come on… Also, it’s probably not a good idea to lean against a rail that folds down. See, what those rails do is…fold…down…so if you put your weight against it, there’s a good chance that it might…FOLD…DOWN…even if you don’t mean for it to.

But whatever. What we have is more people just looking for an excuse to sue because they don’t have the integrity to take any responsibility for the dumb things they’ve done. They’re pathetic, and I hope they lose their suit. But knowing how these things go, United will probably settle with them out of court and give them more money than is even necessary to cover their lost pay and hospital bills, of which some were for only “bumps and bruises.” I wouldn’t even be surprised if all of that has already been paid for by United and these jerk-offs are just suing for more.

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One Comment on “Movie Extras Find Excuse to Sue”

  1. serdafied Says:

    Yeah I read about that and it saddens me that the sue happy culture of America is spilling into Europe.

    Yet also I hope they win the money and I also hope it comes straight out of Tom Cruise’s pocket (he owns a large controlling share of UA). Yet again I also hope the lazy krauts waste it all on shit Germans like …uh …MEAT and BEER!!!

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