This is what liberals are doing to our country

A 9-year old boy is such a good pitcher that the league he is in asked his coach to replace him. A quote from the Fox News article:

“The spirit of the league was community, family, well-being, nurturing,” Peter Noble, the league’s attorney, told the Register. “It’s an extended family and it’s been disrupted.”

On Saturday, Jericho and his team showed up to the ballfield despite the fact the league canceled the game because they feared an “unhealthy environment” due to parental bickering, Noble told the paper.

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How stupid can you be? Liberals have pushed political correctness and this spirit of getting along with everyone in the world and being equal to the point that it’s not even ok for us to have competition in our own communities or for people to be successful anymore. I’ve heard of things similar to this happening before. Not too long ago, there was a story something along the lines of someone was pushing for schools to no longer give recognition to the smart students because it wouldn’t be fair to the others and could make them feel stupid. Cry me a river.

God forbid that these other children would have to face a challenge! Don’t worry, liberals are to the rescue! They won’t expect you to come together and overcome a great obstacle. Instead they’ll let you avoid it so you can play your pansy ball game in peace. Fortunately for you, this amazing pitcher isn’t a blood-thirsty tyrannical Muslim force who will kill or enslave you while you pretend he doesn’t exist. Unfortunately for you, the blood-thirsty tyrannical Muslims do intend to kill or enslave you while liberals continue to pretend that they’re not a threat to the world.

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6 Comments on “This is what liberals are doing to our country”

  1. serdafied Says:

    I love how you still somehow managed to mention the muslims lol! Don’t forget the french, they may not be as scary as the muslims but they are pretty frickin annoying and that is also not good.

    Also yes i think it is quite ignorant to try to make everything equal. You can’t filter Envy out of life. There will always be something people want and people will always do things to get what they want, some of which will be bad things that harm others.

    If you make it wrong to have something that other people want, but can’t achieve, just to keep those other people from being hurt, angry, upset, etc. it won’t work. How far can we take it. Will we make it wrong o marry a niec pretty woman for fear some lazy ood for nothing alcoholic like myself will be upset that Jessica Alba is married and has a baby, when I think that our babies would be prettier and cooler!!

    actually yeah tats a good ida i’m going to the far left…wait nevermind thats crazy talk, much like the french language or the teachings of Islam [micahel]

  2. mcmeador Says:

    Yeah, I brought up the issue of radical Muslims to drive home the point about how small things like this relate to the bigger world. It’s all part of a single mindset that is ruining us on not just a large scale, but even in the tiniest ways possible.

  3. serdafied Says:

    Well I still think people will realize at some point that what sounds good right now, and seems clever and hip, probably will fail. It seems so simple for a reason, because it is. The simplest answers are often the most clever, and are even more often WRONG!!

  4. me Says:

    mike this has nothing to do with liberal, i found this story before anyone and this is about parents being douches…this is the well i paid 50 dollars for my child to play and i dont want him to lose to this child everytime, also the main reason the team was disbanded was because jericho scott was offered a spot on the leagues defending champion, a team that just so happens to be sponsored by the employer of the league administrator, jericho declined and then they said ok we can fuck you up…i feel sorry for this kid, but this is just young children sport politics, not the kind you know about…nothing to do with liberals

  5. mcmeador Says:

    Regardless of what it’s about specifically or what category of politics it belongs in, it’s still a part of that mindset. They don’t want the children to have to face a tough challenge, so they want to remove it. A conservative-minded parent would tell his/her child to suck it up if they complained and encourage them to practice more, try harder, and if they still lost to just accept that it’s a part of life. But today, it is acceptable and deemed rational to instead ignore an obstacle rather than to overcome it.

    And even if it’s all just some crooked scheme by the league’s president to get the child on a team that his barbershop sponsors, they still have their attorney out there spouting off this liberal rhetoric, and the league is giving this lame liberal reasoning for why the coach is being asked to remove the child from the team. And you know why? Because this kind of reasoning is acceptable now.

    No matter what the real story is behind this, it is still an example of how our country is being ruined by this cowardly illogic. Whether or not that is their true reasoning, that is the reasoning they’re presenting and that is the reasoning they’re getting away with.

  6. Anthony Fucking Yow Says:

    Mike, I love you. I also love how you mentioned the Muslims. It’s hillarious but unfortunately, it really is true. We may be fucked.

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