Whoopi Goldberg Needs a History Lesson

This morning on “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg showed her liberal bias by taking a conversation with John McCain regarding Supreme Court justices in a direction it should never have gone:

McCain answered a question about whether he would “work to overturn Roe v. Wade,” by saying that he and Palin would work to nominate judges who have a “clear record of strict interpretation” of the Constitution. He added that he believed Roe v. Wade was a “bad decision,” eliciting a slight boo from the audience.

Goldberg, who joined the show as moderator in 2007 replacing Rosie O’Donnell, then asked, “Did you say you wanted strict constitutionalists? Should I worry about being a slave? A return to slavery? Because there are things in the Constitution that (should have changed.)”

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Apparently she doesn’t understand that all amendments to the Constitution are established in a process involving the federal and/or state legislatures, not the courts. It is the job of Supreme Court justices to interpret the law as it exists, not make laws (or “legislate from the bench”). The job of making laws is the duty of legislators a.k.a. lawmakers. These duties are assigned by the Constitution and are supposed to be kept separate from each other. The ratification process of the thirteenth amendment that officially abolished slavery was done in the same way as all the others, following the process laid out by the Constitution.

The point here is that Whoopi never had any business bringing this issue up. It was not relevant to the conversation. The appointment of Supreme Court justices who strictly interpret the Constitution has nothing to do with whether or not a change should be made to the Constitution.  And strictly interpreting the Constitution can in no way imply that slavery would return because the abolition of slavery is part of the Constitution!  She simply brought up an extremely racially charged issue at an absolutely inappropriate time to smear McCain. And liberals say that conservatives are the ones who will be playing the race card in this election.

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5 Comments on “Whoopi Goldberg Needs a History Lesson”

  1. oxypolitis Says:

    Please don’t attribute any forethought or intent with Whoopi Goldberg when what you are reacting to is simply the cognitive disorder that she suffers from. She’s graduated from an entitlement mentality to a Cadillac liberal mentality. In both cases the notion of democratic principles are missing, never mind trying to explain a republic to her. She reacts to and elicits reaction from emotions alone.

  2. Thinking Voter Says:

    Actually you are both wrong, since McCain referred to interpreting the constitution the way our “founding fathers” intended. I believe the 13th amendment came later, didn’t it? Oxypolitis: your comments simply highlight your ignorance and elitist attitude.

  3. KEVIN ZANNI Says:

    Dont forget plan stupidity,oxy.

  4. mcmeador Says:

    Yes, the 13th amendment did come at a later time. But do you know what our founding fathers did include in the original Constitution? Article 5, which outlines the process for making amendments to it, clearly showing that the founding fathers understood that amendments could very well become necessary. All amendments made to the Constitution have followed that process, therefore the Constitution as it exists today is how our founding fathers intended it to be.

  5. Mark Says:

    The big question is why are we worrying about what actors and other celebrities have to say about anything? We allow these people to shape our opinions. Law makers make laws. Supreme Court justices interpret the constitutinalality of said law. Actors make movies. That’s the way of the world.

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