Another reason you shouldn’t vote for Obama… (Updated 10/08/08)

Because this is just so disturbing…

(This is a copy of the original video posted by Kathy Sawada, the musical director. The video she uploaded is still blocked to anyone not on her friends list, as you can see here.)

This video was featured on Little Green Footballs and other sites yesterday, managing to draw enough attention that it was featured on’s You Decide. The decision was between cute or creepy. I don’t think there’s really much of a decision to be made there. After many comments on the video made on YouTube drew reasonable comparisons to Hitler’s Youth and communist indoctrination, the ability to post comments was disabled. Following that, the contact page on the web site was removed as well.

I guess the video didn’t get the heartwarming attention they had anticipated. And it definitely shouldn’t have. The thought of parents dressing their children up in Obama clothes and getting them to sing Obama worship songs when they are too young to even understand what they are supporting just turns my stomach. Actually, no matter who the politician is, how old the people singing are, or how well the singers understand politics… if you’re singing songs about how a politician is going to save the world, you have a problem. But the fact that these are brainwashed children being made to serve the interests of the Democratic Party just makes this all the more sickening. Apparently enough people felt the same way because the people responsible for the video were so overwhelmed by the negative reaction to this video that they began to do whatever they could to prevent people from leveling further criticisms at them (at least directly).

Another interesting thing to know about this video is that the director is Jeff Zucker, CEO of NBC. The credits page that originally showed this at is also gone now. That’s probably because it also listed the names of the parents and children involved and they didn’t want to embarrass them anymore than was necessary, as the video did a fine enough job of that. However, the “About Us” page is still available and credits Jeff Zucker with involvement.

Update (10/03/08): Today I noticed that the video was no longer available. I checked the YouTube page for it, and a message was displayed saying the video was private. Apparently, this video has been such an embarrassment for her that she has blocked access to it. Not only that, but when I went to a link to another copy of the video I had previously seen on YouTube, I received this message: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Kathy Sawada.” You can see that for yourself here. In addition, the web site has been taken down completely.

There are other copies of this video available on YouTube, but since this has become a copyright issue, I’m going to respect that and not post one. This is typical of the left, though. If you do something that embarrasses you or backfires on you, pretend it never happened and get rid of any evidence that it ever did. As far as Kathy Sawada is concerned, if we don’t have a video to show to those who know nothing about this, we have no proof that it ever happened.

Update again (10/03/08): I just noticed something. The link that I provided showing a video that was removed at the request of Kathy Sawada due to copyright claims was not an exact copy of her video. It was a video response that someone posted on her video page called “Sing for Change Obama Part II.” I can’t remember at this point if that was a video that used the actual video feed from hers with Nazi or Communist music dubbed over it or if it was just a video of Nazis or Communists singing. Either way, she apparently had it removed on the basis that it either used her video or simply the title of it.

So I do not seen any evidence that she is having exact copies of her video removed for copyright infringement. That means that there is nothing to support my claim that she is trying to keep anyone from seeing the video. Don’t you wish you got that kind of honesty from Washington? You’re definitely not going to get it if Obama wins.

Anyway…it is clear that she is still doing what she can to silence the criticism of her video. I’ll watch to see if any copies of her video get removed from YouTube and update again if something happens.

Update (10/08/08): As you can see, I decided to post a working copy of the Sing For Change video.  I kept an eye on four different copies of it over the past few days, and none of them have been removed.  It would seem that Kathy Sawada is not seeking to make a copyright claim on exact copies of her video.  The only video that I’ve seen removed for copyright reasons so far was the spoof that I mentioned previously in this post.  I guess she was just being spiteful with that one, as it was posted as a video response directly on her page.  Now you can once again be repulsed by this horrifying video!

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10 Comments on “Another reason you shouldn’t vote for Obama… (Updated 10/08/08)”

  1. Kay L Says:

    My concern is that the video could qualify as a political advertisement and that the group should be registered as a 527.

    I do not believe for a minute that this was put together out of the goodness of people’s hearts. I think that if someone would do some digging that they would find a money trail leading right back to the Obama campaign. The same goes for those viral videos put out by that PR firm.

    I believe that the official campaign is engaging in these guerilla promos and funding them. There should be an investigation.

  2. serdafied Says:

    In the words of Natalie Portman “Roll up to NBC and smack the shit outta Jeff Zucker!”

    oh and BTW FIRST!!!!

    fuck i’m like your fanboy I stay be bein’ first on these shits!!!!!!1!!1!!!1111!one

  3. mcmeador Says:

    Haha, sorry, but Kay was first. I just had to approve the comment…you lose.

    And I agree, Kay. Even if Obama’s campaign isn’t behind it, I would think it would have to be registered as a 527. With someone like Jeff Zucker involved, it’s obviously not just some innocent neighborhood-gathering. They’ve even got their own web site. On that note, I’m confused as to why the video isn’t on there. It would seem that they are in the process of building it because it’s pretty vague as it exists now.

  4. serdafied Says:

    well 2 things…

    1) fuck both you and Kay L. It’s a conspiracy to stop mexican’s from being first in anything! RACISTS!!!!! lol

    2) lets not forget this for a reason not to Vote Obama ’08

    I know its old but you never posted a blog on this topic, since you didn’t have ablog at the time. Old or not it is still important to get out there. The president is still a person and people are influenced by those they respect. Obama respects this man who has NO RESPECT for America or non-black Americans. This man is just as much a racist as the KKK he says runs this country.

  5. mcmeador Says:

    Yeah, I’ve been thinking about blogging on that for a while, but I’m still trying to figure out how I want to do it. There’s more to it than just the Reverend Wright deal. Obama’s book “Dreams From My Father” that was published 15 years ago apparently dealt a lot with how Obama views race. I’ve read several excerpts from it and summaries of it where he seems to want to blame white people for all the problems of blacks. But now of course he tries to pretend he’s “post-racial.”

    And remember how he claimed that he had never heard Reverent Wright say crazy stuff like that before? Well in his book he wrote about Wright and how his messages spoke to him, mentioning how Wright talked about Hiroshima and about how the world is ruled by white people’s greed. Then when it becomes an issue in his presidential campaign, he tries to dismiss it and act like that’s not who he is or what he believes in. Right…

  6. Mike Says:

    I am surprised. I did not think that dems believed in God. Turns out that they worship the one true obama.

  7. mcmeador Says:

    Well isn’t that what fascism is all about? You’re supposed to tear down religion because it represents competition for the loyalty of the people. On one hand, you have to convince the people that you are their only hope. They can’t rely on a God. Then once you have them under your control, you have to make them fear you and believe that there is no God to save them from you.

  8. serdafied Says:

    Well he skipped step 1 for me and went straight to the part where I fear him. More accurately his chance of presidency is alarming all things considered. No experience, no REAL platform, constantly dancing around the issues and floppingon his views and opinions.

    Change is the most fitting slogan for his campaign as its very basis is constantly CHANGING!!!!

    McCain/Palin ’08

  9. Alicia Says:

    This video sent “chills up my legs”!

  10. mcmeador Says:


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