Palin Killed in Last Night’s Debate!

Oh, don’t worry. She’s alive. I just mean she kicked all available butt at the vice presidential debate. I admit I was very nervous leading up to the debate after seeing her interview with Katie Couric, or at least whatever edited portions were made available. But she definitely blew me away with her performance! She knew her stuff, she called Biden out on his and Barack’s statements and records, and just gave very good answers to all the questions.

I’m not the only one who thought so, either! There was a focus group on Fox News last night of people who said they were undecided and were split evenly between Bush and Kerry voters in 2004. At the beginning they were also split evenly on Sarah Palin, but afterwards an overwhelming majority thought she performed better than expected and also that she won the debate. When asked if the debate changed anyone’s minds and swayed them toward a candidate, three of the four people who raised their hands acknowledged that they were swayed toward McCain. Watch it here.

I’d also like to commend Gwen Ifill. I think she did a good job as moderator, despite the concerns that she would favor Biden considering her new book about Obama coming out on inauguration day.

I have to tip my hat to Biden as well. He really said it best when asked about Obama’s experience:

“I think he can be ready, but right now I don’t believe he is. The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training.”

Oh, wait…sorry…that was from August 2007 during the primary campaigns ( Source ). But really…that would have been a valid point to make last night. I do have to respect Biden, though, for performing much more competently and professionally than Obama did last week. I disagreed with mostly everything he said, but that does count for something. And I think we can all say that we learned something valuable from his statements last night: he likes to hang out at Home Depot. Check the debate transcript here. It’s there, I promise.

So congratulations to Sarah Palin for a killer performance last night, and what I perceive as a clear win when we needed it most! She definitely took down her biggest moose yet:

Say it ain’t so, Joe!

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9 Comments on “Palin Killed in Last Night’s Debate!”

  1. expatforobama Says:

    Wow…I’m really trying to understand people who think she proved herself to be qualified to run the country…for the life of me I can’t. But, I’m gonna keep trying

  2. mcmeador Says:

    You know she’s running for vice president, right? The president is the one who runs the country. But I’m really confused because your user name rightfully infers that you are supporting Obama for president. What has Obama done that makes him so much more qualified than the Republican vice presidential candidate? He served as a “community organizer,” served in the Illinois state Senate, and kind of served in the United States Senate (by “kind of” I mean he spent around half that time in this position campaigning for a higher office, being the presidency).

    So we have someone with no executive experience and barely any federal experience that you are obviously supporting. And then we have someone with executive experience as a mayor (still more than Obama has ever had) and executive experience as a governor of a state, and you are saying that person isn’t qualified.

    My mind is blown..but I’m glad my mind functions on a logical basis, or else I’d be as hopeless as you. At least you’re “gonna keep trying.” Maybe you’ll eventually be able to wrap your head around the obvious.

  3. serdafied Says:

    I have GIGANTIC BALLS!!!!!

  4. expatforobama Says:

    You’re joking right? Probably not.
    Ok, Obama doesn’t have “executive” experience but…come on, Sarah is as dumb as a bag of rocks. nuff said

  5. mcmeador Says:

    You have overwhelmed me with the evidence to support such a lame claim. I don’t know what to say.

  6. expatforobama Says:

    Ok, correction. She’s not dumb as a bag of rocks. I said that because I’ve been watching the MSM too much and most tof them are dumb as bags of rocks. She’s just not especially bright. And I think we need especially bright people in the EEOB as well as WW. But, then again, Bush has been in the WW for 8 years so I guess, like a gentleman, he opened the door for Palin, and for anyone else who has managed to become an “executive” on charm, looks, winks and kiss blowing and pandering or name recognition/family ties.
    I don’t overwhelm…

  7. mcmeador Says:

    You’re still not presenting any evidence to back up your revised description of her as “not especially bright.”

    And people becoming executives on charm and looks? Sounds a lot like what Obama is trying to do.

    But really, let’s get this on a relevant line of discussion. As I said before, Palin is running for vice president. If you want to discuss the qualifications of the person who would be running the country and be the executive-in-chief, you shouldn’t be talking about Palin.

  8. expatforobama Says:

    Did you watch the interviews? I don’t want to rehash what you probably know already… The evidence you crave is provided every other time she opens her mouth. But, she isn’t the top of the ticket, as you say…but McCain is a stroke / heart attack waiting to happen if that Iowa interview is any indication of his stress level. He appears to be repressing and maintaining his anger, but it seeps out in his sarcasm and facial expression and body language. The last thing America needs at the helm is a pilot who brags of winning wars he’s never won, supporting tactics that serve to prolong a war that should’ve never taken place, admittedly needs an education when it comes to economic issues, makes cynical decisions like Palin (when Lieberman or even noun verb 9/11 Guiliani would have been better choices) and conducts far-fetched character assassinations when the country is begging for leadership, etc, etc, etc.
    Please don’t come back with Barack is worse, or inexperienced. Please tell me how McCain can improve upon Bush’s record when he doesn’t even have a strategy. His tactics might ultimately get him into the white house, but God help us if it does, cuz he’s got more war on his mind, that’s for damn sure! The Iranians, the Russians..he wants to pull surges in Afghanistan… Will it ever end? I bet if he’s elected he’ll bring back the draft. In fact, he even said it once at a town hall, though I’m not sure he knew what he was affirming when he told the woman he’d agreed with everything she’d said. If this is the price of National Security then the friggin’ terrorist have won already. I know Obama has a “Mommy Problem” but America desperately needs some mothering right about now cuz Daddy Bush ran amok for 8 years. Tell me I’m wrong. Tell me we need an angry, cantankerous Daddy like McCain after the aloof, clueless, rights stripping, Patriot Act activating, UN disrespecting and disregarding, lying, killing, constitution bending til it breaks Daddy we’ve had?
    Sorry for the long wind… I’ve actually never been this involved in the process before. I always followed it but i never vested myself in it like I have this cycle. Anyway, this is my volley regarding the person who would be in charge.

  9. mcmeador Says:

    Yes, I watched the interviews. You can read my blog and see that I was worried by the interview with Katie Couric. But it had nothing to do with her “brightness.” Nothing she said in that interview or anywhere else has made her appear to be dumb at all. You can’t make your points by just laying blanket statements down. I don’t do that. If I criticize Obama, I back it up. I don’t just say, “he’s a moron,” and expect that to suffice.

    The fact that you don’t feel the war in Iraq should have ever taken place doesn’t change the fact that we’re in it (not to mention that your assessment is solely an opinion and plenty of other people disagree with it). We’re there, and we can’t just suddenly desert it. Also, I imagine the “far-fetched character assassinations” you’re referring to are the references to Bill Ayers. I guess you missed how Obama criticized the McCain campaign for these personal attacks and then immediately responded with a massive assault on McCain’s character in regards to the Keating Five scandal. You’ll be seeing a blog here about that soon.

    I don’t see how you can claim that McCain doesn’t have a strategy for improving upon Bush’s record. The surge strategy that McCain was such a proponent of was an improvement upon Bush’s. Further than the surge, McCain’s strategy is to let our military commanders who know these things best to inform us on the changing situations on the ground so that we can make informed decisions about what to do. I’m also not seeing how you can criticize McCain for wanting to “pull surges in Afghanistan” and also support Obama who was addressing the need to do just that in the first presidential debate. Also, don’t forget that the Patriot Act was passed by an overwhelming majority in the House and nearly unanimously in the Senate and that Obama voted in favor of it when it was renewed in 2006.

    What it all comes down to is that though you may disagree with the principles of McCain, he is still much more experienced and more qualified to be president than Obama. I’m no big fan of McCain myself, but I think he’d do a much better job than Obama would. There’s no point in us trying to convince each other, though. We both obviously have our minds made up.

    And don’t worry about the long post. I have a habit of being just as long-winded. Haven’t you read my blogs? Haha.

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