Perhaps a Scarier Obama Youth Video

These are 8th and 9th graders from the Urban Community Leadership Academy in Kansas City, MO ( Source ). The superintendent of this charter school, Joyce McGautha has suspended the teacher responsible for the video and is threatening legal action against him as well. Sadly, the superintendent admits to having known about the video ahead of time and is only taking action against the teacher now because he posted the video on the internet. If you ask me, someone needs to take legal action against the superintendent as well.

This is just another example of indoctrination, and this time at the expense of taxpayers. It is perhaps scarier because of the militaristic nature of the video, which makes it much more reminiscent of Nazi and Communist indoctrination of youth.

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6 Comments on “Perhaps a Scarier Obama Youth Video”

  1. Drewbie Says:

    Hey Michael – this video was scarier than all HELL !!! Kind of reminded me of the Hitler-youth-league performances that I only read about when I was younger. This is just really scary…

  2. Tracy Says:

    It amazes me that people are comparing these kids to Hitler. This is not about Obama worship. This about inspiration. As a parent of one of those boys I can tell you that my son aspires to be the next Bobby Flay, but he believes that he attain that because if a black man can run fro president of the united states then he can do anything he wants. People really need to get over themselves and stop creating fake fear…

  3. mcmeador Says:

    Yeah, it would definitely amaze me as well if people were comparing these kids to Hitler. Are people doing that, though? I have yet to see it.

    When you say that your son is one of those boys, are you referring to the young men in the video or do you mean that, in general, he is one of the people inspired by Barack Obama?

    The problem I have with this video is that these kids are only 8th and 9th graders, too young to understand the complex nature of politics and to have made their own informed decisions. But their teacher is apparently presenting them a pro-Obama viewpoint and then having them record a video in which they are all yelling about how inspired they are by him and reciting aspects of his campaign platform. The video is even more disturbing because they are doing it in this militaristic nature.

    Politics simply don’t belong in the classroom, at least not with the teacher actively involved in promoting political ideas. And they definitely don’t belong in the classroom of a school run on public money.

    It’s good that your son aspires to be the next Bobby Flay, and I can only assume you are speaking of the chef. If your son is able to accomplish this goal, and I hope he can, it won’t be first time a black man has become famous for cooking. He doesn’t need Obama in order to do it. Also, Obama is not the first black man to run for president.

    More power to your son for being inspired by a black man being able to rise to the top. But I think he should be inspired more so by the accomplishment than by the man himself. Obama may have proven to your son that it is possible, but he does not need Obama to take him there.

  4. concerned educator Says:

    I find it very offensive that you have posted information on this school without any idea of what really goes on here. I am an educator that has worked for UCLA and would gladly return to work at UCLA. You have no idea of all the things that the staff does for these students. Do I condone the fact that this video was released on youtube, the answer is no! Let me give you some background information about what you saw in this video. The teacher who organized this “jr frat”, is a member of a fraternity himself. I believe that his intentions were good. If you had done your research, you would know that one of the black greek organizations routinely “steps” in army fatigues and combat boots. This was something that was done through all of my college years. I believe that he was only informing the children of these traditions. Many black children aspire to join a black fraternity or sorority once they get to college, I know I did as well as many of my friends, and I am a member of a black greek organization. Yes, this teacher was wrong for organizing this particular event on school grounds, but he was not brainwashing these kids about Obama. Is it so bad that for the first time in history, black children can now say if Obama can become a a candidate for presidency of the united states, and he is black, I can definitely aspire to be anything that I want to be. A black person or a woman running for president of the united states is something that I definitely thought would never happen in my lifetime. I guess it would be okay with you that they were chanting their aspiration to be a drug dealer, rapper, or athlete, and looking to these persons as their role models.

  5. mcmeador Says:

    I don’t have to have extensive knowledge of what goes on at this school to know what I’m seeing here and to know that it is inappropriate. No offense, but save your breath on defending the school’s honor. The only members of the staff I’ve spoken out against are the teacher responsible for the video and the superintendent who knew about it. Even you say that it was wrong for this to be organized on school grounds, and that’s what I’m saying in my post. I know that they are in a junior fraternity, as the source I provided clearly states that. I also assumed that was the reason they were performing in this nature, but that doesn’t change the appearance it gives considering the material they’re reciting.

    I’ve already covered the issue of people being inspired by Obama’s accomplishment to be able to run for president. That’s fine, but black people have been making tremendous accomplishments long before now and Obama is not the first black man to run for president.

    This video, though, is not just about people being inspired by his accomplishment. They are proclaiming that Obama himself is empowering them to better their own lives. Not only that, but they are also positively citing aspects of his stances on campaign issues, and thereby supporting him for president. This is about much more than being inspired. This teacher used his position of influence to teach the children about Obama’s campaign, and then organized a presentation to express support for it.

    You really limit your own credibility when you throw a low-blow at me by trying to paint me as someone who thinks that these students should amount to nothing more than drug dealers, rappers, or athletes. That is just uncalled for, especially with the racial context you established for it.

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