The 2nd Presidential Debate…More of the Same

I have to admit I was pretty disappointed with tonight’s debate. After it ended, I couldn’t quite place what it was about it that made it so uninteresting. Then Bill Kristol made the point on Fox News that the questions weren’t really personalized for the most part and addressed issues that we’ve already heard all about. The answers to the questions tonight were really no different than the answers we heard in the last debate and really no different from the campaign talking points that we hear all the time. That really summed it up perfectly. Neither candidate really threw any good punches…either that or the ones they threw were ones we’ve heard already along with their comebacks, and thus did not resonate.

And unfortunately for us on the McCain/Palin side, Obama seemed to perform much better than he did in the first debate. There was not as much stuttering, he didn’t seem as anxious, and he properly referred to McCain as “Senator McCain” instead of “John” (except for on one occassion). Of course, as I said, just about everything he said was recycled, but the mentioned improvements gave him somewhat of an edge. To add to that, Obama said something I agreed with for a change. When McCain criticized his lack of experience, Obama responded:

Well, you know, Sen. McCain, in the last debate and today, again, suggested that I don’t understand. It’s true.

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Ok, so I took it completely out of context by leaving out the rest of his response…but really, it’s more accurate this way.

Who won this debate really just comes down to whose principles you agree with, because I think it was a tie as far as performance and communication of these principles went. Hopefully the third debate next week can give us some new material and a chance to really get in some good jabs.

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