Obama, ACORN, and Voter Registration Fraud

Many details of voter registration fraud on the part of employees of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) have come to light this week. On Tuesday, October 7th, authorities raided ACORN’s Las Vegas office due to the submission of falsified voter registration information ( Source ). The forms used fake names, false addresses, duplicates of previously submitted applications, and even the names of the Dallas Cowboys starting lineup. As of Tuesday, this was not the only investigation into ACORN’s fraudulent activities. There were investigations into voter registration fraud on the part of ACORN workers in nine other states: Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin ( Source ). In case you didn’t notice, those are all swing states.

FoxNews.com ran a story on Wednesday providing some details into the investigation in Missouri, reporting that so far over 800 forms submitted by ACORN had been found to be potentially fraudulent…and that’s only in one county!!! ( Source ). The article also reported that ACORN workers tried to register a 12-year old.

Then, on Thursday, a story ran reporting the claims by two Ohio voters that they had been harassed continually by ACORN workers to register to vote multiple times. One of these voters was Christopher Barkley:

“I kept getting approached by folks who asked me to register,” Barkley said. “They’d ask me if I was registered. I’d say yes, and they’d ask me to do it [register] again.

“Some of them were getting paid to collect names. That was their sob story, and I bought it,” he said.

( Source )

The other, Lateala Goins:

“You can tell them you’re registered as many times as you want – they do not care,” said Lateala Goins, 21, who was subpoenaed.

“They will follow you to the buses, they will follow you home, it does not matter,” she told The Post.

( Source )

This year isn’t the first time that ACORN workers have been involved with voter registration fraud. RottenAcorn.com lists cases from 14 states dating back to 1998. The web site also provides an excellent 30-page PDF-format report, detailing ACORN’s shady history including cases of voter registration fraud with citations ( Link ). FoxNews.com also mentioned a previous case of voter registration fraud that occurred in 2006 when ACORN in Washington state turned in about 1,800 voter registration forms, of which only six were legitimate ( Source ).

Now that I’ve covered ACORN’s extensive history of voter registration fraud, it is time to discuss Barack Obama’s connection to ACORN in relation to these voter registration drives and get-out-the-vote projects. As reported by Stanley Kurtz in the New York Post, ACORN partnered with Obama on his Project VOTE registration drive in 1992 ( Source ). You may be thinking, “What’s the significance of this? You haven’t cited any cases of ACORN voter registration fraud that far back.” Well it’s apparently significant enough for Obama to deny it. From his “Fight the Smears” web site:

Fact: ACORN was not part of Project Vote, the successful voter registration drive Barack ran in 1992.

( Source )

So Stanley Kurtz is lying? Not so fast…note this comment made by Obama at a November 2007 meeting with ACORN leaders as reported by an Obama supporter’s blog featured on Obama’s own campaign site:

Senator Obama said, “I come out of a grassroots organizing background. That’s what I did for three and half years before I went to law school. That’s the reason I moved to Chicago was to organize. So this is something that I know personally, the work you do, the importance of it. I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.”

( Source )

Catch that last part? In Obama’s own words, ACORN was “smack dab in the middle of” his Project Vote registration drive. It should really be no surprise because, as you can gather from the sources I’ve provided, Project Vote and ACORN regularly work together. Not only that, but Obama proudly proclaims that he’s been fighting alongside ACORN his entire career. Stanley Kurtz isn’t lying…Obama is.

But that’s not all. As the same blog reports, ACORN officially endorsed Barack Obama for president on February 20th, 2008. Almost with no hesitation, from February 25th to May 17th, the Obama campaign paid $832,598.29 to Citizens Services Inc., a subsidiary of ACORN ( Source ). Though the activities of Citizens Services Inc. were originally misreported in the campaign’s FEC reports, they were amended later to correctly show that the organization specializes in get-out-the-vote projects.

Here we are dealing with two damning issues for the Obama campaign. First, Obama has a long history with ACORN (one that I’ve barely touched on here, but that Obama happily admitted to). This is an organization that has a long history of voter registration fraud. Despite that, Obama has continued to work with them and made the poor decision to give their subsidiary get-out-the-vote organization well over $800,000 for their services. Maybe he’s counting on the pro-Obama organization’s reputation for voter registration fraud to lead to voter fraud to get him elected?

Secondly, when confronted with his clear associations with the organization, Obama downplays them and boldly lies about certain aspects. Why? Because he knows that these represent incredibly bad decisions on his part, and possibly that his dealings with them have been as shady as the organization itself.

With that said, two of the most common attacks against President Bush are that he stole the 2000 election and that he is a liar. With all of the facts out there and that I’ve cited here, are those people prepared to vote for Obama? Sadly, yes. We can only hope that those undecided voters will open their eyes to what is going on around them and make the wise decision to do what they can to keep Barack Obama out of the White House.

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3 Comments on “Obama, ACORN, and Voter Registration Fraud”

  1. themikeyreport Says:

    C’mon. Aren’t you a “true believer” yet? Don’t worry. You’ll be assimilated soon enough.

  2. Ted Says:

    Rezko, Wright, Raines, Ayers … and now Acorn!!! This is over the top. Obama’s a fraud and should not be allowed anywhere near the White House.

  3. Mark Says:

    This surprises anyone?

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