Obama’s Gestapo Strikes TV News Station?

Remember that blog I posted about two weeks ago about the Barack Obama Truth Squad in Missouri ( Link )? Here’s the video from St. Louis’s KMOV News 4’s web site as it originally appeared:

The description that appeared beside the video at the time read something to the effect of “Barack Obama’s campaign recruits Missouri law enforcement officials to target anyone who lies or runs misleading tv ads about him.” Don’t quote me on that, but it basically said about the same thing that the newscaster says at the beginning of the video.

Of course, this story received a lot of negative attention from conservatives, such as Little Green Footballs, Rush Limbaugh, and here on my own blog. As a result, it seems the Obama Gestapo has censored KMOV News 4. The video that appears on their web site now cuts out the intro to the news story that gives the segment a negative, First-Amendment-violating tone ( Source ). The description for the video has also been changed to read, “The Barack Obama campaign is getting help from local prosecutors, both Democrats, to clarify TV ads the campaign believes are misleading.” Doesn’t that just make it sound so much more noble? To add to that, the date for the news story still reads September 23, 2008. There is no mention of an update being made.

I guess the Barack Obama Truth Squad is working! And it’s for the worse, as was expected.

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3 Comments on “Obama’s Gestapo Strikes TV News Station?”

  1. […] After reading this, see my blog titled “Obama’s Gestapo Strikes TV News Station?” ( Link ) for an update to this story, including the reason why my blog seems describe the news story much […]

  2. Higgs Boson Says:

    This is a CLEAR violation of the (Federal) Hatch Act.

    Someone in Missouri MUST register a complaint with the Office of Special Counsel in D.C.!
    I talked to the Feds about this on Thursday, and they said that they will only REACT to a citizen’s complaint and will NOT act pro-actively.

  3. 1921 C Drum Says:

    What they said……

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