Biden Says Electing Obama Would Cause International Crisis

I guess this is why they call him the “Gaffe Machine,” but what he says is probably true anyway. This is what he had to say about an Obama presidency:

“Mark my words. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking,” Biden said.

“Remember I said it standing here. if you don’t remember anything else I said. Watch, we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy. And he’s gonna have to make some really tough — I don’t know what the decision’s gonna be, but I promise you it will occur. As a student of history and having served with seven presidents, I guarantee you it’s gonna happen,” Biden continued.

( Source )

Now why would anyone test the courage or fortitude of Barack Obama? Maybe because he hasn’t proven that he has any. Does our country really need a president that for all we know may not have the necessary qualities to deal with such problems? Do we really need a president who the mischief-makers of the world view as someone they can play games with to see what all they can get away with? Obama’s not ready to deal with these problems, but I assure you (as does Biden) that the problem-causers are more than ready to deal with Obama. Don’t believe me? Ask the terrorist group Hamas. They endorsed him ( Source )!

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