Iran Endorses Obama, Al Qaeda Prays for Republican Defeat (Updated 11/03/08)

Update (11/03/08): I just noticed I had the same source posted for both quotes in this post. Sorry about that. It’s corrected now!

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. You might have thought I forgot there was a presidential campaign still going on. This news isn’t exactly breaking, but I want to cover it. As the title says, Iran has officially endorsed Barack Obama. The speaker of the Iranian Parliament delivered the message:

“We are leaning more in favor of Barack Obama because he is more flexible and rational, even though we know American policy will not change that much,” Ali Larijani told Agence France-Presse.

( Source )

By “flexible and rational,” I suppose the terrorist state means, “more likely to be wimpish and let us get away with developing nuclear weapons and wiping Israel off the face of the earth.”

In related news, a top leader of Al Qaeda has issued a statement praying for the defeat and humiliation of the Republican party in Tuesday’s election:

While he did not endorse either party, Abu Yahya al Libi, says in a video posted on the Internet, “O God, humiliate Bush and his party, O Lord of the worlds, degrade and defy him.”

( Source )

Hmmm…so if God humiliates and brings about the defeat of the Republican party, who would win? Oh yeah…Barack Obama. You might as well go ahead and add this to the list of terrorist endorsements of Obama. Look at it this way: Al Qaeda believes it is the will of God to kill infidels (non-Muslims) and that it is justified to kill any innocent bystanders or civilians as a consequence of their war on anyone who doesn’t share their religious beliefs. So why would they pray for the defeat of the Republican party? Because they believe it would be beneficial to them in their war against the free nations of the world, of course.

In a previous post, I referred to Hamas’s endorsement of Barack Obama. Since then, the Associated Press has run a story about a Palestinian in the Gaza Strip who is calling Americans urging them to vote for Obama:

Little Green Footballs points out that there is no free speech in the Gaza Strip. The press is strictly controlled by Hamas, meaning that the story could not have run without their permission. In effect, this is Hamas campaigning for Obama ( Source ).

I’ll also provide a link that I found regarding media control by Hamas to back this point up:

Hamas government reinforces control over media

As I’ve said before, the troublemakers of the world are more than ready for an Obama presidency, and all of this just further proves that. If terrorists want Obama to be our president, something gives me the feeling that it’s because they believe an Obama victory wouldn’t be in the best interests of our country. I’d actually have to agree with them in that respect.

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