CBS Jumps the Gun, Calls Race for Obama…on Monday

It’s nothing new for networks to compete to be the first to call the election, but they usually do so with some kind of integrity…you know…waiting until after the votes have been cast and they actually have a good idea of who won. But not so with CBS. The New York Times published quotes from CBS senior vice president Paul Friedman on Monday, November 3rd, announcing the network’s plan to try to call the race as soon as 8:00 PM (I would assume eastern time).  Only twelve states’ polls will have closed before then, and they wouldn’t even have the full results from those. Not only that, but he decided to go ahead and call the election:

When asked how Katie Couric, who is leading CBS’s coverage, might present the network’s projection to viewers, Mr. Friedman said he could imagine her saying, for example, “Given what we know about the results, or the projected results in various states, it’s beginning to look like it will be very difficult for John McCain to put together enough votes to win this election.”

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Oh, ok…not “very difficult for blank,” but “very difficult for John McCain.”  CBS sounds a little cocky and a bit anxious, huh?  Nothing like some flagrant liberal bias to set the mood for their election coverage.

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One Comment on “CBS Jumps the Gun, Calls Race for Obama…on Monday”

  1. Mike Says:

    They did seem to be calling them a lot faster than the other networks (they even called TN for McCain with less than 5% of precincts reporting), but in the end they all had to admit Obama won. I watched it on Fox News just to make McCain’s defeat taste that much sweeter.

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