Al Gore to Be Obama’s “Climate Czar?” (Updated 11/13/08)

There is supposedly talk in the Obama transition team of creating an Energy Security Council, which would be responsible for overseeing the administration’s policies on energy and climate change. The person that would be in charge of that council is currently being referred to as a “climate czar” and Al Gore is being mentioned as a possibility for that position ( Source ). I think I might throw up. At least it might create an interesting power struggle to give us all a good laugh (if we were to ever find out about it). Everyone knows how arrogant Gore is. How many times has he referred to himself as the “former next President of the United States?” I can see him now in a meeting with Obama and his Cabinet constantly trying to hold the center of attention and run the show because he thinks that’s his sacred right.


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Update (11/13/08): Teh Resistance has provided an update:

Gore says “No.” Who could blame him. He’s won an Oscar and a Nobel prize while not having to take responsibility for anything. Why put himself in a position where he would have to put up or shut up?

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I performed a search and found confirmation from the Washington Times:

President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team is flirting with creating a White House “Climate Czar,” but climate change crusader Al Gore says he doesn’t want the job.

( Source )

Some great news in the world of politics for a change! There’s still a downside…Obama is considering creating an Energy Security Council that will no doubt treat the theory of global warming as fact.

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