McCain Doesn’t Know How to Email, But Did That Matter?

Too bad I wasn’t aware of this sooner…remember that ad that Obama ran taking jabs at McCain for not knowing how to send an email ( Link )? Well what did that really matter? Does a president need to know how to email? According to a recent article, no. Neither President Clinton nor President Bush (W.) used email while in office, and it’s being suggested that maybe Obama shouldn’t either. Why is this?

The president’s e-mail can be subpoenaed by Congress and courts and may be subject to public records laws, so if a president doesn’t want his e-mail public, he shouldn’t e-mail, experts said. And there may be security issues about carrying around trackable cell phones.

( Source )

I guess it was irrelevant after all. But we already knew that much.

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6 Comments on “McCain Doesn’t Know How to Email, But Did That Matter?”

  1. Gobama Says:

    I think you missed the point. First off, you assume he president needs to hide his misdeeds on email. Second, it’s not so much the relevancy of using email during his presidency, but the fact that he knows how shows that he has a general grasp of technology. Our leaders by and large are making judgements and passing laws on technology without any concept of what they’re controlling. You get the Ted Stevens who complain about their staff taking two days to download the entire internets, merely attempting to parrot what their lobbyist told them to say. If our leaders can’t take the time to comprehend the technological world around them, the country will fall behind others. I don’t care what party they’re in, the more computer literate politicians are, the better.

    I remember when I was working at Blockbuster and this fat, 40 year old woman came up to me and said, “I’m illiterate, can you read this box for me?” I was stunned, this woman had gone through her entire life without ever learning how to read. I was thinking, “How the hell does this person function in society?!”

    How would you feel if the President couldn’t read? Wouldn’t that piss you off just a little? Knowing that they get through their day having their staff read to them whatever they need to take in? You may think it’s not a fair comparison, but it’s at LEAST a sign they’re out of touch with a large portion of society.

    Speaking of that… When Bush Senior left office, there was a little photo-op where he wanted to show how him and Barbara were “getting back to normal” going grocery shopping. Except, he was fascinated by something entirely new to him. Barcodes. Fucking BARCODES. He was isolated to the extent he never fucking saw a barcode before in his life. Being the little brainwashed Republican I was as a kid, that still irked me (yaya, you align with what your parents vote for, until you grow up).

    Anyways, I know at least one of those presidents you mentioned sent an email in a photo-op, but does that really count?

  2. Gobama Says:

    Also, your article is 404.

  3. mcmeador Says:

    I don’t know what’s up with that. If I hover the pointer over the link, it shows a preview of the page with a 404 error. But if I click the link, it takes me to the page and I see the article. Is it not working like that for you?

    Anyway, I’m not assuming anything about hiding misdeeds. All I did was post an excerpt from the article explaining why some believe that Obama should forgo the use of email during his presidency. That article made no such assumption either. It’s just a matter of personal privacy. If you don’t want all of your personal emails becoming public, as could possibly happen, then just don’t email.

    Now I understand the gist of the Obama ad, but my point is that the issue of emailing is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if John McCain doesn’t know how to send an email. That doesn’t make him unqualified to be president. The past two presidents didn’t even use email while in office, except apparently for the photo op that you made mention of.

    Also, just because McCain doesn’t know how to send an email himself doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand the concept of it. At the beginning of this post, I provided a link to a previous article of mine in which I addressed the Obama ad when it was first released. In that blog, I quoted an article which said that McCain had a nightly ritual of responding to emails by dictating them to his wife and having her type them up and send them. The reason he doesn’t do it himself is because of his war injuries that cause repetitive actions such as typing to be painful. It’s not like someone says, “email,” and McCain responds, “huh? what’s that?” He just simply doesn’t know how to go through the motions of opening the email client and sending the email. The Forbes article that I quoted in the previous blog also described McCain as the “U.S. Senate’s savviest technologist” and “an inveterate devotee of email” ( He’s not hopelessly out of touch.

    As for H.W. Bush and bar codes, that was long ago proven false. You were duped by the left-wing media ( Now what were you saying about brainwashing?

  4. gobama Says:

    Damn, I love snopes. I heard it way back then and never fact checked it since. I remember those quotes, too, shame on him for making shit up. Fuck propaganda, from both sides. I want truth.

    There are plenty of other ways to input to a computer. If he can write, he can use a tablet pc, if he can talk, voice recognition. He can stick a pencil in his mouth and poke the keyboard for all I care. Dictating email is not computer literacy. Most people know what the word email is, but is it more than a telegraph to them? Do they really ¨get it¨? Knowing how to use a computer is a requirement in school nowadays, why shouldn´t it be a requirement to be President?

    The article finally came back.

  5. mcmeador Says:

    I didn’t say dictating email is equal to computer literacy. I was making the point that just because he doesn’t know how to go through the motions of sending an email himself doesn’t mean that the concept of it is foreign to him. Your original point was that you were worried that people are passing laws that affect technology when they have no concept of that technology. There is nothing to suggest that McCain doesn’t have a concept of it. Just because he can’t do things himself on a computer doesn’t mean that he lacks an understanding of what they are capable of doing. Likewise, just because I didn’t know how to drive a car when I was younger didn’t mean that I had no concept of the purpose and capabilities of a car.

    I’m not that worried about whether or not the president knows how to use a computer. I’d much rather him not know how to use a computer than to be distracted from running the country because he can’t seem to pull himself away from watching videos on YouTube.

    P.E. was also a requirement in middle school if you weren’t in the band. Should you have to know how to play basketball or a musical instrument to be president?

  6. serdafied Says:

    Understanding the ins and outs of email proves nothing rather he knows it or not. Hand to god I don’t know fuck about email other than type add an address and send the fucker. I had to get Michael to set up my outlook so i wouldn’t havr to go to to check it all the time.

    Does this make me computer illiterate?

    No. Of course not. Email is fucking pointless to me i have almost no need for it. The only time i use my email address is to verify purchases and to recall lost passwords. What does being able to be left alone in a room and being able to complete an email have to do with being president? Nothing.

    If the president needs to get a message out he can have a secratary do it or here’s this crazy ass techonlogical advance i don’t know if you’s guys heard of it it but its called the telephone and it allows you to, believe it or not, INSTANTLY send your voice around the world. This new concept allows for instant communication with little to no email skills required.

    That ad was just a slight to make McCain look out of touch with today’s society and quite frankly it worked. Everyone runs around with their iPhones and touch screen in dash media receivers and satellite navigation. For what I ask you? Do you really need satellite navigation to find the nearest fucking Wendy’s? Do we really need to be able to watch DVDs in our cars? Is it honestly necessary as the leader of the United States of America to be able to send you an email?

    and Mister J “if he can talk, voice recognition” … “Dictating email is not computer literacy”

    What exactly is the difference between dictating an email to an actual person and dictating an email to a program on your PC? Same damn thing is accomplished only you get to spend less time with your wife! That and VR software for the most part is troublesome to the point that no one wants to use it in the first place!

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