Before Obama and his supporters try to claim a stem cell victory…

News today is that the FDA has cleared Geron Corp., a U.S. biotech company, to perform the first human trials using embryonic stem cells. They will be injected into eight to ten patients who have suffered recent spinal cord injuries to study the effects. Of course, with this occurring so closely to Obama’s inauguration, it would be easy for many to assume that this is a result of something he has done. It would also make it that much easier for Obama and his supporters to claim that this was an Obama stem cell victory when the next election comes around and everyone has forgotten the details.

Considering this, it is important to point this out now:

But Obama’s ascent to the White House had nothing to do with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s granting permission for the new study, Okarma said in a telephone interview Thursday.

In fact, the company says, the project involves stem cells that were eligible for federal funding under Bush, although no federal money was used to develop the experimental treatment or to pay for the human study.


There you have it. This development is completely unrelated to Obama, and actually involves stem cells that Bush allowed federal funding for. I have a feeling I may be referencing people to this post many times when the next election campaign rolls around, considering the tendency of Democratic candidates to distort the facts (or just flat-out lie). Anybody remember John Kerry’s claim that Bush banned federal funding of embryonic stem cell research when, in fact, Bush was the first president to allow it? I do, and that’s why I’m acting now to make sure the record is straight from the start.

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2 Comments on “Before Obama and his supporters try to claim a stem cell victory…”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Get down with your bad self

  2. Anthony Yow Says:

    Yeah, you stay up in that democratic ass!

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