Some Awesome Protest Signs


Yeah, too bad that guy’s head is in the way of the last word…  But if you can’t figure that one out, you probably hold the opposite political viewpoint of the guy holding the sign and it will just make you mad, so don’t worry about it.


Nice.  Too bad loony liberal protesters don’t feel the same way because we can’t seem to keep them occupied with jobs.

Now for misspelled protest signs:


A protest sign from the 5th anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq.  What makes this so much more awesome is that the second person from the left is Cindy Sheehan.  I mean…I guess they have a point.  At that point in time, to many, the war had been going on for 5 years.  I don’t think that’s what they were trying to say, though.  That is pretty simple math, so I’m not sure who would be debating over that.  Perhaps people ignorant enough to parade a misspelled sign around town..fortunately for them, their math skills are at least elementary school level because they got the number right.


Two in one picture?!?  How lucky could you possibly get?  I hope to one day have a marrige ceremony in a churh.


Classic…a Muslim that can’t spell “Muslim.”


This is the one that got me started looking for misspelled protest signs.  Actually, to be honest, this isn’t exactly the one.  I saw a picture of other Muslims who love their “Holly Quran.”  I’m not sure exactly what that is.  A special edition maybe?

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7 Comments on “Some Awesome Protest Signs”

  1. pochp Says:

    Awesomely Funny!

  2. Anthony Yow Says:

    This is my favorite blog of yours so far. Lol, silly bastards.

  3. Mamie Says:

    This is kind of idiotic because that is the proper spelling of ‘misspelled’ and your insult to the Muslim sign only makes sense if YOU can spell ‘Christian’ in Arabic. I don’t know if you’ve ever studied another language but even ones that use our alphabet spell things differently and similar words can contain other shades of meaning.

    The Sheehan sign is pretty stupid. The improper use of to, too and two is my pet peeve with misspelling. The ‘marrige’ sign seems like a compromise for space; still, a protest sign is the worst place to misspell something.

    I guess you are

  4. mcmeador Says:

    I have studied another language, actually. I started a French class in high school, but I found that the language was really lame so I switched to Spanish for two years. One thing I know from both is that the first thing we learned is how to relate ourselves to the language. For instance, you learn how to describe yourself in the language, which means learning how to properly spell and pronounce words in that language that relate to yourself. Maybe the Muslim in my picture didn’t benefit from such methods. Regardless, the reason I posted it is because it’s simply funny.

    To respond to your challenge, I do not know how to spell “Christian” in Arabic, nor do I know how to spell anything at all in Arabic. With that said, I definitely would not attempt to write a protest sign in Arabic. If I were to attend a protest with a sign here in my own country, I would opt to use my native language because that would just make sense. The Muslim in the picture I posted apparently decided he would instead write a sign in a foreign language, probably in hopes that the Associated Press would eagerly publish his picture to spread sympathy for his plight around the world. Anyway, my opinion is that if you decide to write in a language that you’re not fluent in so that you can be broadcast to the world, you are not above ridicule. However, we’re really only assuming that he’s not “fluent” in English. I know of plenty of people who use English as a primary and only language and would do much worse with that sign. Maybe he has no excuse, but back to my original point…who cares? It’s funny.

    So what was the rest of your post supposed to say? You just trailed off there.

  5. Jack Says:

    So, your attempt at bashing Liberals for using misspelled signs was that of two Muslims misspelling in English, one of three teenage girls who look to still be in high school, and then accompanying them with one that is valid? Powerful! Ironically the Muslims, if we were to extrapolate their conviction into our society, would fall more in line with our Country’s Right Wing Conservatives. So I’d go with, major fail on this blog entry. Sorry so late on the comment.

    • mcmeador Says:

      So Muslims are incapable of understanding English? Just kidding, I know what you are trying to say. This has already been addressed in the comments directly above yours.

      As for the girls’ signs, being of high school age doesn’t excuse them from being able to spell simple words like “church” and “marriage.”

      And which protest sign are you referring to as valid?

      I do have to say that the evidence you present to support your claim that radical Muslims can be more closely equated to American conservatives is…what’s the word…powerful!

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