James Carville Has a Bad Memory

For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention to current events, there is a special election coming up tomorrow in New York to fill the House seat vacated by John McHugh, who resigned to become U.S. Secretary of the Army.  Up until this past Saturday, the three candidates in the race were Diedre Scozzafava (left-leaning Republican), Bill Owens (Democrat), and Doug Hoffman (Conservative Party).  However, Scozzafava suspended her campaign when it became clear that she had no chance with conservative Hoffman in the race.  A day later she endorsed Democrat Bill Owens.  This race has been getting national attention because it could be indicative of a conservative resurgence in the country and would be a big victory for conservatives who are fed up with the Republican party.

Yesterday, James Carville, sleazy Democrat operative, took the opportunity to spin this as evidence that conservatives and Republicans are narrow-minded and that the message from this campaign is:

“if you’re not our definition–if you’re not a Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin directive of what constitutes a Republican, if you don’t check the necessary boxes, then they’re going to primary you….People have said this for a long time this is the kind of party they wanted, they now have it.”


What is this guy even talking about?  Scozzafava’s failure isn’t the Republican Party’s doing.  The RNC endorsed her.  The Republican Party didn’t bring in Doug Hoffman to challenge her.  He’s a Conservative Party candidate.  And how dare conservatives support the conservative candidate who represents their values rather than simply voting along party lines…now that would be narrow-minded.

What makes this especially funny is that while James Carville is blasting the Republican Party for something they didn’t even do, his own party did exactly that to Joe Lieberman three years ago.  Lieberman’s support of the Iraq War was too much for them.  When it came time for Lieberman’s reelection, the Democrats said, “See ya!  We’re endorsing someone else to run against you in the primaries because you’re not a true Democrat.”  Ned Lamont, his challenger, won that primary so Lieberman decided to run against him as an independent.  I had a good laugh when Lieberman won the election and kept his seat.  I stopped laughing when Lieberman chose to realign with the Democrats.  Anyhow, Carville didn’t seem to have a problem with the Democrats tossing Lieberman out for not conforming.  When asked if he supported Lieberman’s run as an independent, he responded simply, “Well, I’m not from Connecticut, but I support the Democratic nominee” (Source).  I guess he forgot about that, or maybe he was just hoping we had all forgotten.

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