Media Matters Sets Sarah Palin Up

This morning I came across the following video posted at


Here’s the gist of the interview…David Brock, the founder and CEO of the leftist Media Matters, began his rant about Glenn Beck.  He claimed that Glenn is erratic and portrayed him as if he is some kind of immediate threat to national security, going as far as to say that we’re on the precipice of another Oklahoma City bombing…oh…ok.  That’s kind of strange.  I would almost conclude that David Brock or the people at Media Matters have never watched a single episode of Glenn Beck because then they would know that he constantly pleads with people to remain nonviolent.  But all it takes is a quick trip to Media Matters’ web site, and then you’ll see tons of clips from Fox News, including clips from the Glenn Beck program.  These clips are all featured as part of their war on Fox News.  I guess media only matters when it’s pushing their socialist agenda.

Anyway, he then calls on Sarah Palin to stand up in opposition to Glenn Beck.  I quote Brock:

She needs to step up because she’s a leader of the Republican party, of the conservative movement, she’s a Tea Party favorite.  She is the one person in this country right now today who, in the national interest…just in the moment, to put partisanship aside, could pull this country back from the precipice of another Oklahoma City.

Wow…that’s the nicest thing I’ve ever heard anyone on the left say about Sarah Palin.  In fact, that’s the only nice thing I’ve ever heard anyone on the left say about Sarah Palin.  “Help us, Sarah Palin.  You’re our only hope.”  Very Star Wars-y of them.

Now obviously something about this stunk.  This definitely did not seem like an authentic cry for help.  And Media Matters reaching across the aisle?  Yeah, right…  I posted my thoughts immediately in the comments section:

It’s propaganda, plain and simple.  They paint the picture for you,  initiate the set-up, and then present false conclusions.  Sadly, there are plenty of people who will be duped by it.

Well, I came home from work today and saw this article posted on The Blaze:

For Standing With Beck, Media Matters Claims Palin Supports Terrorism

WHAT?!?  NO WAY!!!

Here’s an excerpt from David Brock’s statement today, as posted on The Blaze:

On Tuesday, I asked Sarah Palin to use her influential voice to stop attempted incidents of domestic terrorism incited by right-wing extremists like Glenn Beck. By telling Beck, ‘I stand with you,’ Palin — Fox News’ star contributor — now associates herself with acts of violence and the insane conspiracy theories and hate speech behind them.

Weird!  It’s like he did exactly what I said he would do.  These progressives/socialists are so predictable.  But wait!  That’s not all…remember what I said about the people boycotting Glenn Beck?

The progressive People for the American Way is also working with Media Matters in a boycott of Beck’s programming and the Fox News Channel.  The group’s president, Michael Keegan, joined Media Matters in denouncing Palin…

Here is a bit of what Keegan had to say:

Democrats, Republicans, independents and even tea party members should be able to agree that inciting listeners to violence isn’t acceptable.  It‘s profoundly disappointing that someone laying the groundwork to run for president doesn’t agree with that.

It’s as if they were attempting to capitalize on the success of the smear campaign and boycott against Glenn Beck by pulling Sarah Palin into it as well.  Who would have seen that coming?

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  1. serdafied Says:

    well payed…linked on my serdafied facebook page.

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